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Chapter 3

< a few months later>

Sometimes all the hardships you end up facing in life eventually ebb away, just like the sorenes of an injury. Sometimes you end up forgetting the most important person in your life, but some times you hold onto them like they are a string of hope, not insignificant but significant enough to be an important memory.

Sofia had moved on from the loss of an important family member, but everyone knows there is always an empty cavity inside the heart.

“Sofia are you listening to me?” her father questioned. Suddenly woken up from her day dream she looked at him.

“Right since I have your attention I wanted to say that your school tution fee bill is here and since when did your fee hike up?” he muttered.

This isnt what she had expected to hear from him, yet she wasn’t that surprised but then again once a miser always a miser.

“Really Papa are we going over this again, and now you are going to launch yourselves into one of those lectures how my education is not important and what will it matter anyway since you will get me married then second I turn eighteen? Am I right?” she huffed angrily.

She noticed Uncle Alejandro out of the corner of her eye, she hadn’t realised he had returned home. But then again he did nothing and sadly looked between the hostile father and daughter duo and trudged back upstairs.

“So this is what I get for raising you that you talk back to your own father!” he angrily stood up knocking over the dining chair.

Sensing the insurgency of the commotion Sofia knew that everyone would gather and then there would be those tut tuts. She could alreday sense Uncle Mateo’s bedroom door opening hopefully he was restraining himself from jumping into their conversation.

“Papa this conversation is over I suggest you respect my descision of continuing my education and stop bringing up the money factor everytime you recieve the fee bill,” sighing she left the room and holding back her tears she rushed upstairs, leaving her stunned father behind.

She thought to herself that there were times she was silent but then again she is not a wall which can bear insults. It’s high time she stood up for herself: in the end no-one will.

Reaching the first floor she knew her mother would come to comfort her, she didn’t need that. Luis stepped out from the shadows, “Are you…?”

“Don’t even think about it!” Sofia responded and slammed the door in his face.


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Chapter 2

“Uggghhh,” Sofia woke up to the increasing beeping of her alarm clock. As she rolled out of bed yesterday’s events were still burned in her mind and her mother’s words last night were a firm reminder of who she was and what was expected of her.

Getting dressed and coming down as if nothing happened yesterday, Sofia entered to find Auntie Lilliana in the kitchen with Luis puffy eyed and he looked like he needed to make a run for it, everyone was preoccupied with funeral preparations and the house was a buzz.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and her best friend Isabella and Sebastian were there holding flowers in condolence. Sofia gave them a big hug and they came in to help, Luis got up to greet them he for some reason was not fond of Sebastian, like Sofia cared. The funeral was a dwindling process and time passed seemingly. As the day wore on everyone was back to what they were doing before. Everyone had retired to their rooms, and as if nothing had happened likewise Sofia had school tomorrow.

“So Bash came today, surprised he came today so American of him I thought he felt really low of us Latinos,” mocked Luis.

Sofia felt a sudden urge to elbow him in the ribs but thought twice of it and she replied with equal hostility,

” Oh really! I was surprised I didn’t see Gabriella make an appearence.”

That hit the spot and the hurt expression on Luis’s face was enough to give Sofia his answer but he said grimly any way.

“Sofia just cause you are my cousin doesn’y give you the right to point out my flaws and my shortcomings I think my parents are enough for that,” with that he stalked off to his room.

Sighing Sofia returned to her room as well rethinking that she should not have said that. But at a time like this she was irritable any normal human would be. Tossing and turning in bed, she finally decided to get up and apoligize. As she reached his room and raised her hand to knock the door, but he heard stiffled cries from inside and thought twice and turned on her heel, but then she heard the door click open.

“You could knock you know,” rasped Luis.

“I know…I am sorry about all that before, I am not exactly having the best day you know,” Sofia answered coldly.

“Best day! Look Sof everyone is upset but that doesn’t give you the right to be snappy, you’re off the hook just cause you’re the only one I have,” Luis said in his usual jovial manner.

Relieved Sofia gave Luis a quick hug and feeling relieved she turned on her heel and went back to her room, leaving Luis stunned. Sofia was so immersed in self pity that she forgot the people she cared about, most likely hurt them in any way possible. Affection ran low on her radar. The fact that she despised her heritage she hurt her mom, dad, Luis and everyone. But she was the only one who didn’t know that.

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Chapter 1

As she entered the living room, Sofia noticed everyone in her family sitting around her father who had his head in his hands.

“Papa is everything okay?” she asked, her voice shaking.

He looked up at her teary eyed, Sofia was taken aback what could’ve possibly broken his stone heart? She looked around the room noticing the solemn faces, Abuela (grandmother).

“Where is Abuela?” She asked shakingly.

No one answered.

“Where is ABUELA????” She screamed.

“Calm down Sofia, get a hold of yourself, is this how a Fernandez family member is supposed to behave? we greive but not like uncultred people!” Snapped uncle Mateo.

“Your grandmother passed away in her sleep last night, funeral will be held today at noon.” her father replied in monotone, slowly coming to the reality.

She simply ran out of the room back to the comfort of her room, as she cried, heaving sobs onto her pillow. She doesn’t want this life she wants to grow up without any complications, a normal American girl, Spain? Only her parents and family are a reminder of her heritage.

She’s going to be turning 16 and no 16 year should be living the life she is living. A family who cares about nothing else except for their own image. The Fernandez’s immigrants from Spain, who settled in the States in 2001, Sofia was born her in Ohio her older brother Martin Fernandez who is 18 and is currently serving in the military (probably better off this way he wasn’t a hardworker any way). His insolence was the reason everyone expected Sofia to be perfect, never really caring about what she actually thought.

Her parents didn’t really have much in common and spent most of their time worrying about her or working for the household. She lived in a fairly large household with her bachelor Uncle Alejandro, he was fun to be around, but never really around for the fun to happen. Then there was Uncle Mateo (a real stubborn mule), him and his wife aunt Jada. What his and her problem was with Sofia, is still unknown to this date, but a lucky guess could be the family comparison between Sofia the perfect kid and their not so perfect son Luis. But he didn’t seem to have an issue, being practically twins he was the only solace in the house, with his witty jokes and carefree demeanor. His little sister Lisa well she’s 3 so it will be a miracle if she learns to walk than learn the family politics of this household.

Another pain was Auntie Liliana who was married with her own life but still so fixated in this house, that Sofia sympathised with uncle Diego who had to tag along everwhere and care for Ana their 2 year old daughter, while in the mean time Auntie Liliana interfered in their lives. Then there was Abuela (grandmother Altagracia) she was the other person besides Luis to whom Sofia could pour her heart out too. Now that ray of hope had also faded, Abuela espically cared for Sofia because she knew her son Antonio ( Sofia’s father) hoped for a more dutiful son than a daughter, what he got was the opposite. But considering Luis it probably runs in the family.

Leonardo Fernandez her Abuelo (Grandfather) never got to see her he passed away 20 years before Sofia was born, she never got to see him or her mother’s side of the family who consider Elena Fernandez (Sofia’s mother) a disgrace for leaving Spain and going to America, so they are not on talking terms with Sofia and her paternal side of the family.

Puffy eyed Sofia opened her room to see who was there and seeing her mother she fell into her arms a crying mess.

” Be strong my girl there is lot more of the world for you to see, emerge from your circumstances now dry your eyes Abuela would want for you to hold your head high, we expect so much from you.” whispered her mother into her ear.

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Everyone in life tells you that one should emerge from the circumstances he or she is being held against.

That was never her case she emerged, put her head up high and let all the optimism flow through her. But sometimes no matter how hard you try things may never go your way.

This story isn’t meant to be utterly depressing but this story is of her, who did her best and yet he failed to see the ultimate goal ahead of her.

Sofia Fernandez was her name and this is her story a girl who stayed positive till the end of her journey.

“Sofia get down here papa will be coming any minute”

“Si mama I am coming”

As she rushed down the stairs she failed to notice the faint glow from the living room and the pale faces.

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